Diamond Finish Concrete works closely with specification authors, engineers, concrete companies and suppliers, to achieve the best flooring specification and exceptional floor finish for each individual project.

Concrete Grinding Melbourne


Diamond Finish Concrete can offer a range of services, starting from advice on the concrete mix design, through to the recommendation of approved concrete contractors and polished concrete in Melbourne.


Diamond Finish Concrete can supply, apply and remove various curing compounds using a waterbase VOC free product. The concrete curing process is a very important part to prevent small cracks and spalling forming which will become clearly visible during the polishing process.


The most popular curing compound used today is the Ultra Cure wet blanket which has a 7 day curing time where other products may require a 28 day curing time. The Ultra Cure wet blanket is specified on many retail areas that require a superior gloss and blemish free floor finish.


Diamond Finish Concrete also offers the following:

  • Concrete Grinding
  • Concrete Polishing
  • Polished floors using dyes and acid etching
  • Floor preparation for all floor coverings and coatings (e.g. Carpets, tiles, paint and epoxy)
  • Power Scrubber & Sweeping Services
  • Surface Prep/Diamond Grinding
  • Shot Blasting
  • Scabbling/Scaffying
  • Concrete Shaving
  • Concrete Levelling
  • Concrete Milling-Profiling
  • Concrete Sealing
  • Concrete Repairs to cracked constructions/saw cut joints or rain damaged concrete
  • All aspects of floor preparation
  • Removal of epoxy’s, glue, resins
  • Application of floor sealers and paints


Concrete Floor Grinding Essendon & Campbellfield


Finally Diamond Finish Concrete can also offer a couple of different temporary floor protection systems to help protect the finished polished concrete floor against damage.

Concrete grinding can also be used to expose aggregate, a fantastic way to unlock the unique textures and distinct visual look within your existing floors. Cost-effective and less invasive than installing new decorative floors, you need only wait a couple of days from ordering your concrete grinding from DFC before you start enjoying the benefits. We do all the necessary grinding floor preparations, including removing any glue or existing curing compounds. With a sharp spike in the demand for exposed aggregate concrete grinding, Melbourne home-owners have increasingly realised the benefits of this simple, economic flooring solution. It’s also a fantastic service for more commercial or industrial properties – our antimicrobial sealing options are especially popular in hospitals, medical and veterinary centres and aged care facilities.

Offering comprehensive concrete grinding Melbourne suburbs all over can take advantage of – including post-grinding joint and saw-cut caulking - DFC is your ultimate choice when it comes to concrete solutions for areas like Essendon or Campbellfield. With a large team of dedicated specialists, we can be grinding concrete Essendon clientele order one day, then floor grinding Campbellfield factory floors the next.

So when it comes to the premium concrete grinding Essendon, Campbellfield, Sunbury, and many Western Suburbs and metro area homes rely on, DFC is your first choice.