About Us

Diamond Finish Concrete is based in Melbourne and is one of Australia’s leading companies in concrete polishing for floors. Our staff are highly trained and are OH&S compliant which is important on many building sites across Australia.


We service projects Australia wide as well as surrounding and regional areas to provide an exceptionally high standard of work on all concrete floor surfaces and finishes. We specialise in large industrial, warehousing, distribution centres, manufacturing, commercial flooring, showrooms, shopping centres, car parks, retail outlets and exhibition halls.


This successful Melbourne based concrete floor polishing company uses the latest technology and equipment. We have a Ride-On machine which uses a dust-free process, and has the capacity to do large commercial floor areas in a short time which means savings for you, the client.


It is the only Ride-On machine in Australia that can grind 1.5 metres wide, producing a flat durable surface. Our advanced equipment is incredibly efficient and effective which delivers on time and on budget.


Diamond Finish Concrete can grind and polish ordinary concrete floors and transform them into a durable, high shine and visually appealing floor surface which is easy to maintain. We offer various concrete floor polishing solutions and offer an extensive range of concrete floor finishes. We also carry out floor preparation/diamond grinding for all floor coverings and coatings (for example carpets, tiles, timber, vinyl, paint, epoxy, glue removal and rain damaged slabs).

We have an extensive range of concrete polishing systems such as Retroplate or HTC Superfloor™ concepts or alternatively we can provide or develop a customised service for your specific flooring requirements and budgets.


The four main types of HTC Superfloor™ are:

  • Platinum – (Fully exposed) full gloss shine, gloss or matte finish
  • Silver –  (Fully exposed) full gloss shine, gloss or matte finish
  • Gold – (Salt & pepper 50-50) full gloss shine, gloss or matte finish
  • Bronze – (warehouse finish nil exposed) full gloss shine, gloss or matte finish


Our floor finishes range from 20 grit to 8,500 grit.


Diamond Finish Concrete can also offer cost effective concrete grinding and seal options if required, and can provide advice and an on-site quotation service to assist you for your flooring requirements.


Diamond Finish Concrete is dedicated to creating a customised flooring solution for every individual need.

Diamond Finish Concrete completed projects include:

  • IKEA
  • Melbourne Wholesale Fruit/Vegetable Market Relocation Project Epping
  • Bunnings Victorian stores
  • Bunnings Queensland stores
  • Bunnings New South Wales stores
  • Masters Home Improvement Victoria stores
  • Dan Murphy’s
  • Pet Stock
  • City Farmers
  • Chisholm Institute of TAFE
  • Total Tools